Sprite Leads the Pack In Soft Drink Growth – Advertising Age

Sprite, Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper led the soft drink market in percentage sales growth in 1995, according to data released last week by competing trade organizations.

Shot: Creative Showcase CJ Waldman NYSC

Getting short on breath on a first date might be a priority for a young, healthy male with raging hormones. But in this case, it kills romance before it even has a chance to begin.

NYSC Best Spots Adweek “Neighbor”

Looking out the window, a guy checks on his hot neighbor, who spots him peeping. But she gets into it, taking of her blouse and revealing her hard body. Then she points towards him to take off his clothes. “Here you go, baby,” he says, ripping off his shirt. The woman shudders and closes the drapes. Graphic:”There’s a million reasons to join. New York Sports Clubs.”

NYSC Best Spots from Ad Week

A Shirtless guy admires his plump physique in the bathroom mirror, preening a la Hulk Hogan. After a couple of muscle man poses, the fellow puts on his eyeglasses and the chubby truth is revealed. “There’s a million reasons to join,” reads the graphic.

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Hope is on the way!

Wall Street Journal – Putting the Fiz back in Diet Soda

Diet Coke

Sprite USA Today “Obey Your Thirst”

“Obey your thirst” is the theme for these slightly surrealistic commercials for the lemon-lime soft drink.
“Sprite promises nothing more than absolute refreshment,” says Coke spokesman Bob Bertini. “It says to consumers, Exercise your own judgment.”
The ads were also more effective with younger consumers. Ninety-three percent of consumers ages 18-24 said they were effective. Among all consumers who knew the ads 83% said the same.

Heineken “The Mood Swing” in the New York Times

Favoring creativity Heineken will take its US campaign to a world audience.

Ad Age “EW” Rolls out Branding effort