Ad Week Best Spot: “Bathtub”

Finally… a soft drink for the rest of us. In the world of youth-crazed cola marketing. Diet Coke is starting to take itself more seriously.

Diet Coke – Best Spots of the 1990s

Like clockwork, women in an office take an 11:30am Diet Coke break. Only the don’t drink the sode, a studly, shirtless construction worker outside the window does. Ad week nominated as Best Spot of the 1990’s Creative group Head: CJ Waldman

Amstel Light: Women Take Stage in Beer Ads

Companies shift focus of marketing to tap growing base of female brew lovers

Image-Maker: CJ Waldman

C.J Waldman turns out iconoclastic creative for Sprite and others.

The Best Awards – Heineken: “The Pain Barrier”

The Best Awards - Alcoholic Beverages Ad AgeYou know the scene – big party in a loft, lots of attractive singles milling around, old fridge stuffed with liter bottles of seltzer and there, in the middle of the room is the trash can filled with ice water and cold beer. Beneath the surface lies unseen bottles and cans, scattered kuje debris around the titanic. One hardy sour, the Jacques Cousteau of beer, dives over and over again seeking the one thing; the familiar green bottle that signifies Heineken. That is forearm ends up blue is a small brice to pay. Its all abot the beer, right? Very funny and (to borrow an expression) true, true.

The Best Awards, Alcoholic Beverage Category Winner

The Best Awards – Heineken: “Ball Boys”

A crowded cafe is jammed with urban hipsters, engrossed in what must be Seinfeld-inspired chatter. Lurking in the shadows are figures in shorts and knit shirts, crouching, poised. Suddenly a runner takes off from under the bar, scoots across the room and snatches the empty off the table. Then another goes and another. The visuals are backed up with funny sound effects of sneakers squeaking against the floor and empty bottles tooting as air rushes over their open necks. In the final scene, two ball boys crouch in anticipation of their next run. “Good Grab” says one. Sure the could have found an easier way of promoting their sponsorship of the U.S Open Tennis tournament, but if would have probably been a lot more predictable.

Sam Adams – Yahoo Finance

Boston Beer Co. continues to grow due to increased investments in marketing/advertising

Sam Adams – CNBC

-Double-digit growth in sales volume
-Stock is up 106% over the past year

Sam Adams – Market News Video

Sam Adams optimistic for 2011 shares